Moonrise poodle puppies are raised in an enriched environment, handled and socialized from birth, and exposed to car rides, grooming procedures, pets, and children. And most importantly, Moonrise Poodle puppies come with lifetime breeder support.



I have a few exciting breedings planned for 2023 and 2024, including miniatures and moyens in solid, parti, and multicolors! Please fill out the application or reach out directly for details. I keep a small waitlist of committed owners who can reasonably expect to get a puppy from me within 12 months. To join the waitlist, please fill out the puppy application.


Growing Up
It is a great responsibility to influence the poodle puppy’s personality and development in the early weeks to prepare them for life.
It is no secret that well-raised, well-socialized puppies make great companions. I jokingly call myself a “stay-at-home Poodle mom”. This status allows me to dedicate myself full-time to raising great puppies. Of course, raising the puppies as part of the family in our living room exposes them to the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, but I don’t stop there! ...
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  • Puppies are born in my bedroom and raised in my living room, surrounded by family and other poodles
  • Raised based on principles outlined in Avidog, Badass Breeder, and Puppy Culture early socialization curriculums
  • Gentle Handling- to imprint and build an emotional connection with humans from the first days
  • Early Neurological Stimulation- These exercises help develop better stress resilience and enhance their future learning abilities
  • Early Scent Introduction helps puppies to start using their noses early- a huge benefit for medical alert, diabetic alert, and sports requiring the use of the nose
  • Early Exposure - Each day, puppies are exposed to novel items, sounds, textures, and experiences
  • Interactions with children and adults
  • Interactions with friendly dogs
  • Early gentle grooming
  • Litter Box Training to reinforce the natural instinct to keep their den clean and to help with future house training
  • Introduction to car rides and crates.
  • Age-appropriate deworming, vaccination, veterinary and ophthalmological evaluations
  • Independant Temperament testing. It is important to us for our puppies to fit well in their new home. Temperament Testing gives a voice to puppies in their placement.
  • Safe socialization in public after 8 weeks

Puppy Placement


Moonrise Poodles Puppies come with lifetime breeder support. I consider our puppy owners friends and Moonrise family who are always welcome to reach out with questions, share milestones, and ask for support when needed. I cherish my puppies, and I consider every prospective family carefully. Read abut my principals below...
More Details Please!
  • Who is the best owner for Moonrise Poodle? A responsible person, who doesn’t take themselves too seriously with a good sense of humor and a desire to have a poodle as a companion in their life. New dog owners, and experienced owners, families with children, and active retirees. Anyone seeking an adventure in their life and a connection with an exceptionally smart canine. Those who have time and ability to raise and provide for the needs of the high maintenance breed like Poodle.
  • Pick-up in person allows us to meet for a smoother transition for the puppy. Moonrise families have come from California, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, Maine, and everywhere in between. My puppies are well-socialized and do great on their journeys home in the company of their new family. I do not ship my puppies in cargo or via ground transport..
  • I like to get to know each prospective owner and what makes them want a poodle. My placement process starts with an application and a phone consultation to learn about the prospective family. I use the application notes and the notes from the phone consultation to align the puppy's abilities with the family's needs after temperament testing is complete. l will never force or pressure you to accept a puppy if it does not feel like the right fit.
  • I maintain a small pre-paid Preferred Waitlist of committed prospective owners who can reasonably expect to be matched with a puppy within 3 to 12 months. If you do not see available puppies, do not hesitate to submit an application to be preapproved and join the official waitlist, or be notified about upcoming litters.
  • Raising the puppy is a family affair; all family members should be happy to welcome the new puppy. Please check in with your family before applying. 
  • Most of our puppies are placed as companions and performance prospects who should be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age.
    I am open to considering prospective breeder/show homes on an individual basis. I am only open to purebred programs and co-ownership agreements at this time.
  • I care about the well-being of my puppies and their future. Puppies always leave with the contract, health guarantee, 30 days free Trupanion Disease and Accident pet insurance, and the expectation for the new owner to maintain their dog’s well-being through responsible dog ownership - regular vet care, training, grooming, and disease and accident pet insurance. Read why in the blog!
  • I strive to be a resourse for new poodle owners and once you are on my official waitlist, your questions are always welcome!
  • I understand "life happens" sometimes. I am always here for my puppies and owners and offer my assistance if hard decisions have to be made. My puppies are always welcome home!



My reservation process starts with an application,
followed by a phone chat and a consultation
  • 1
    Once we have the phone consultation, and you feel ready to commit to bringing home a puppy from Moonrise Poodles, you will be asked for a $100 non-refundable waitlist fee to join the Preferred Waitlist. This will put you in line to be the first to know about pregnancies, births, and puppy availability. The waiting list fee is non-refundable but goes towards the full balance of $2800.
  • 2
    Once puppies of your interest are born and thriving at 7 to 10 days, you will be asked for a non-refundable $500 reservation fee to hold a puppy for you. In case there is no right match in this litter, your reservation will be transferred to the next litter with a priority attached.
  • 3
    Once you are matched with your puppy, the signed contract is due; the balance can be settled in person on pick up.
  • 4
    Pick-up Schedule: The puppies go home on the first Saturday after they turn 8 weeks. If you plan to fly in, I can meet you at CAE or CLT airports with careful and advanced planning after the official litter go-home date.






  • I am amazed daily with this dog and cannot believe how fortunate we were to end up with a successful service dog prospect AND weren’t even in the market to begin with
    speaks to Lexa’s program and the amazing genetics and temperament in Luna/Starz
  • We could not be happier !!
    So Blessed to have a like minded breeder. Lexa is a caring , knowledgeable and diligent breeder that puts the health, safety of her dogs in first place. The love and passion she has for the breed is amazing.
    Our new little girl has only been with us for a short time and has already filled our hearts with love and joy.
    She is a healthy well breed bundle of perfect!! Thank you Miss Lexa!!



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