Twenty years with poodles and counting...
I am happy to see you on the Moonrise Poodles website! I am Lexa the breeder behind Moonrise poodles.
In 2002 I was 19 years old and recently immigrated to NYC, getting a job and my apartment. That year a brown mini Bunny became my friend and companion. We shared many adventures, went on cross-county bus trips, hiked, kayaked, played in agility and rally obedience, and participated in grooming competitions. Bunny herself was never bred, but she taught me about the true versatility and love the breed is capable of.

The foundation for the Moonrise Poodles program was laid years before my first poodle. I have been fascinated with genetics and selective breeding since I was 13. I have planned to become a scientist, to study and breed working dogs but I became a pet stylist instead.

Bunny inspired me to go back to my teenage dreams, to find breed mentors in order to start my breeding program. I spent a decade showing dogs and learning, assisting other breeders with their dogs and puppies. In 2014 when the time was finally right, my foundation and first show miniature poodle, Luna, joined our family.

By this time, I was also deeply in love with multicolor poodles and did not want to dock tails on my dogs to show them. Luna was shown in UKC, which allows both multicolor and full tails. She won Best In Show, Group wins, and consecutive Top Ten Breed in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for Multicolor Poodle. In 2016 I bred Luna, making Moonrise an official breeding program.

This breeding produced Alice, my first homebred UKC Grand Ch Moonrise Lost In Wonderland, and a moyen UKC CH. Moonrise Love Song To Luna Hendrix. Luna’s second breeding was with AKC GR.CH Gadabout’s Virtuoso N’Vice At Timari aka Elvis and produced my moyen girl Starz. who earned her Champion points and Magic Zoe who also finished her Championship in UKC. These breeding set the course for my focus on miniatures and larger minis and European-style moyen varieties.
In 2022, after twenty years as a professional Pet Stylist, I left the industry to align my life with my values. Realizing my dream of being "a stay-at-home poodle mom" allows me to dedicate my time to carefully raising my puppies.
From the beginning, my desire for my dogs was to be great companions for families and individuals.

Early Socialisation curriculums - Puppy Culture and Bad Ass Breeder help me prepare my puppies for the life ahead. I use thorough independent, in-depth temperament evaluations to help me align prospective owners needs with individual puppy personalities and abilities.

My alumni puppies prove that I am on the right track by excelling as everyday companions, grooming competition models, service, therapy, show and sport dogs, earning titles in conformation and performance events such as Obedience, Nosework, Barn Hunt, Rally-O, and FAST CAT. I am forever grateful to my mentors and puppy owners who inspired and supported me on my journey.



The companion poodle must have a balanced and sound body structure to remain active and healthy. We show our parents in UKC and test through OFA and genetic testing recommended by Poodle club of America to produce healthy puppies.
Structure and Health
Early care and socialisation influence the dog's interaction with humans and the world. Puppies raised in our home with early socialization practices, early grooming, and potty training are provided with the foundation to become well-adjusted adults.
Our puppies succeed as easily trained everyday companions to their family, medical alert service dogs, dog therapy, and various sports - Obedience, Rally-O, Nosewrok, Barnhunt, and Fly Ball.
I help align prospective family needs with individual puppy personalities. I strive to be the resource before and after you bring the puppy home and will always take my puppies back in the time of need.



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