Ultimate Companion Poodles for modern family
The dream and the start
I am Lexa the breeder behind Moonrise poodles. The foundation for the Moonrise Poodles program was laid years before my first poodles.
I have been fascinated with genetics and selective breeding since my teenage years. I have planned to study cynology (study of canines) but being a hands-on person choosing a carrier in Pet Grooming Industry proven to be a better choice. Studying dogs became a hobby. In 2002 my first brown miniature poodle Bunny entered my life. Bunny was an epitome of The Poodle and made me fall madly in love with the breed.
In 2014 when the time was finally right, our first multicolored miniature poodle Luna entered our family. I learned the ropes of show handling in UKC, taking Luna to her Best In Show win, group wins, and Top Ten Breed standing in 2014, 2015, 2016. READ MORE
Gorgeous Looks
We strive to breed conformationally correct poodles in classic and historical patterns. Our dogs are shown in the conformation ring to make sure they are as great representatives of the breed as we think.
It is my goal to produce the ultimate family dogs that excel at home and in performance. A pretty poodle without smarts is just another dog.
Heath Testing
Poodles are exceptionally healthy, and we like to keep them this way! Our Dogs undergo extensive health testing as recommended by Poodle Club of America and beyond.
Genetic Diversity
We strive to keep Miniature, Moyens, and Toys healthy by seeking out breeding dogs unrelated to most US bloodlines.
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