The dog crate is not a cage or jail.

If you plan to crate your puppy, you will find many tips on how to crate train effectively and gently.

If you weren't planning to crate, I am so happy you peeked in! I hope you stay and watch Sussan Garret's video and be convinced that teaching your puppy to be comfortable in a crate is showing love to your puppy!
The goal with the crate is always to make it fun and safe and not a punishment. You don’t want to catch your dog doing something bad and then yell at them to get in the crate, this is a poor association for the dog, they’ll hate the crate. However, if the crate is always fun, it comes with treats, I get peace and quiet, my own space, then it’s something the dog will enjoy.

There are many situations in life when confinement is required and is the safest option. Anything from visits to the groomer, overnight stays at the vet hospital when getting fixed, your own hospitalization, car trips, or evacuation. The list is really endless for times when having your poodle trained and comfortable with crates is indispensable for their own wellbeing.
Susan Garrett - the world's top trainer educator and agility competitor
"Susan's entire dog training foundation is built on one philosophy: You can achieve great and effective training by simply playing with your dog" - Susan Garrett's DogsThat.
Which crate to choose?

The right-fitting crate will allow the dog to lay on its side with its legs completely stretched out and without having to rest its head on the side of the crate. The dog should also be able to stand on all four without rubbing the top of the head on the top of the crate.

The height of the crate will be the most important as your puppy keeps growing. You can start with a 21" height crate with a divider with any of the minis and moyens. Your small mini will be able to use this crate forever. You may have to upsize for moyens and large minis as your puppy grows. Typically 25" crate height is what you will be looking for for a 15" tall adult poodle.

The weight of your adult dog will not correlate to the weights recommended on the crates, Poodles have long legs and necks and fluffy top knots, and you will need a slightly bigger crate than recommended to accommodate them.

Wire crates

They collapse and can be put away, which is nice for small spaces and travel. They also come with dividers, making the crate smaller when the puppy is younger; this helps with crate training since if the dog has too much space in the crate, they’ll use one side for a bathroom.

Some dogs may feel exposed and need an extra cover. And If mess happens is not contained as well. The tray is easy to take out and wipe and can hold some mess, but you might want a pressure washer if there’s poop on the wires.

These crates are the best value and the double door makes it super convenient for any space. I use these

Plastic crates

The solid plastic crates are better for keeping dog messes inside the crate; if there’s an accident, it will catch it. They can be hard to clean on a regular basis, though, since you need to climb or reach in there and wipe them out. They are also kinda of awkward.

Unless you have a small mini poodle or purchase an XL size for a larger mini or moyen, the width tends to be too narrow for the dog's comfort.

If you like to save money, the plastic crate is an excellent option to purchase second-hand. The solid surface is easy to sanitize before use with your own puppy.

Soft sided crates

I love using soft-sided crates when I need something light and quick to assemble, for example when I take puppies to vet appointments and I dont want them to have contact with the environment.

They are lightweight, fold down, and easy to carry. They are awesome when a group training class requires a crate. The crate provides a clean and cozy space for the dog to hang out during the "lecture," waiting for our turn to practice.

However, the dogs should not be left unattended in these crates until they are completely crate-trained and you are confident about the dog's behavior in your absence.

These crates unzip, get flipped over, and the mesh rips very quickly with the pawing and chewing of a lonely dog. These are very hard to clean out in case of accidents!

Car crates
The car crate for your dog is like a car seat for your child; when well constructed and properly secured, a crate can save your dog's life in a car accident. Many dogs riding "shotgun" get ejected from the car and get hit as they flee the scene.
However, only a few crates have been officially crash-tests!
I can't recommend a specific crate, it is something that you should do your research on. A few crates are popular and considered superior among serious trainers who travel with their dogs.
Whichever crate you choose for transport, the crate must be fully secured, tied down, or buckled in the car. A loose crate in the back seat becomes a dangerous projectile object.

This is the best video overview of the most popular car kennels. However, I can't recommend this channel due to the handling methods promoted for grooming restraint.
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