Moonrise poodles

Do poodles get along with other animals?

Poodles are friendly and non-confrontational dogs. If you have another adult dog and are bringing in a new puppy, introductions should be done carefully and in neutral territory. Usually, poodle puppies charm their way in quickly but be prepared for the existing dog to take their time to accept the newcomer.

Poodle puppies are very curious and will try to make friends with your cat through playful puppy ways, which your cat may not appreciate. To make the transition smoother, ensure your cat has a safe space to sleep, eat and observe the puppy. Poodles started out as bird dogs, and many poodles have strong prey and chase instincts.

They won't go out of their way to hurt small animals like hamsters, rabbits, and chickens, but if the opportunity presents itself, they may not pass it up. Introduce your puppy slowly and carefully, teaching it that small animals are part of the family and do not leave them unsupervised together if there is any sign of strong curiosity.

It is important not to allow your animals to "work it out" alone. Puppy exuberance and energy, coupled with a lack of manners, can overwhelm a senior dog or cat and stress them out to general anxiety. Puppies need boundaries, and it is the owner's responsibility to help establish and enforce these for peace at home.
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