Moonrise poodles

Active Companion dogs

Miniature and Moyen Poodles are smart, compact dogs and fit well in everyday homes and apartments. Poodles love cuddles and couches, but they are not fluffy pillow dogs. Poodles are active, medium-energy dogs with a good “off switch.”

Their activity levels come from both their physique and their minds. A couple of brisk-paced walks a day, a short 5-10 minute daily training session, and a long walk on the weekend would satisfy the average Poodle’s needs by an average owner. Poodles enjoy recreational hiking, long walks, coffee runs, and anything their owners invite them for.

Poodle’s active minds make them exceptional in sports like Nosework, Barnhunt, Rally, and Obedience. I would describe Moonrise Poodles as companion dogs who enjoy sports recreationally. I do not breed high-drive “crackerjack” agility poodles for high-level agility and instead, focus on a moderate “all-rounder” Poodle. My puppies enjoy a variety of activities with their owners - hiking, paddleboarding, kayaking, Nosework, Rally, Agility, Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, Therapy Work, Medical Alert work, playing with the children, school drop-offs and pick-ups, city walks, Netflix binging and watching the Superbowl!In conclusion, Poodles don’t need a large yard to run in or throw a ball until your arm falls off. They need an owner who shares the zest for life with their Poodle!
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