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At what age should I take my puppy home?

At what age should I take my Poodle puppy home?

It is universally accepted that puppies should not leave their mom and littermates until they are eight weeks.

In some states, this is even the law! No responsible breeder would place a puppy before eight weeks or remove them from its mother
Toy poodle puppies can be fragile and develop slower. They may require a longer time with the breeder to ensure they do not develop hypoglycemia due to the stress of the move

My puppy pick-up date is scheduled for the first Saturday after the eight-week birthday for all my puppies, making it closer to the full 9 weeks when the puppy goes home. By this age puppies are 95% reliable with their litter box, had first vaccines, are ready to travel, is eating solid food, and is developmentally mature to leave my care.
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