Moonrise poodles

Are Poodles a good choice for first time dog owners?

I have never owned a dog, do you think a poodle is a good first dog?

Absolutely! In 2022 Poodles are number 5 on AKC's most popular list and top 10 in the world.

Poodles are human-oriented, tenderhearted, are willing to please and to forgive. Poodles don’t require a dominant owner with strong arms to control them. Quite the opposite! Poodles are easygoing and adaptable. They learn quickly what is expected of them, as long as their owner provides them with consistency and clear direction. Poodles are clever problem solvers, so it is important to prepare yourself before bringing a new puppy home so that you can start right. Being a new dog owner, you need a good bit of patience as you and your puppy are figuring each other out. I have a list of recommended resources to help you along.
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