Moonrise poodles

What requirements do you haave of people looking to get one of your puppies?

Are you someone who values comfort but likes to be active? Do you have a good sense of humor, and dont take yourself too seriously? Then you will make a great poodle owner!

Poodles thrive in active homes with humans who possess a sense of humor and can provide the time and care to make a Poodle a part of the family. I ask you to fill out a puppy application and go through a consultation process to ensure you are prepared for a long-term commitment and that we are on the same page in our approach to Poodle ownership.

I enjoy working with responsible pet owners who value temperament and are as dedicated to the well-being of their Poodles as I am. I hope to see owners willing to learn and try different approaches if something doesn’t work the old way. I expect a modern, responsible pet owner to dedicate time to positive reinforcement training of their Poodle so they are well-behaved in public and at home.

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