Moonrise poodles

Why do I need a pet insurance?

Why Do I need pet health insurance when I am buying a puppy from a responsible breeder?

Do you consider yourself a responsible pet owner?

You have researched the breed, found an ethical and responsible breeder who has health tests, and made a small investment buying the puppy your breeder matched you with. You have done everything right, so what can go wrong?

Well-bred carefully-placed purebred dogs from responsible owners rarely end up in rescues. But when they do, half of them are there because their owners could not afford the sudden vet bills. With advances in veterinary medicine now matching these in human medicine, the bills can easily climb up from mid-four digits to high five digits. It costs $1500 to walk into an Emergency Vet Clinic for triage and assessment alone.

Many owners have to make a life-or-death decision at this point because of the state of their bank accounts. Poodle puppies are curious, rambunctious, and impulsive. There are so many things that lure them in, and they don’t make the best choices. Sometimes we as owners make mistakes - a gate that was not latched tight can lead to your puppy running into the road or entering the room they are not supposed to. This can happen to anyone, and this is not something a responsible breeder could have prevented. Sadly some Moonrise owners found themselves having to use their pet insurance in the first year of life of their puppies, who found themselves in trouble by chewing plugged-in electrical cords, jumping off couches, and out of their owner's arms.

Trupanion offers a unique opportunity for owners of puppies who come from breeders like myself to enroll with waived wait periods and free for 30 days. This means your puppy is covered for illnesses and injuries the moment you enroll them as long as you sign up when you paid a deposit and were matched with a puppy and no later than 24 hrs from the pickup time. All Moonrise Puppies have to be signed up before they leave my care.Important: I do not receive any compensation or benefits from working with Trupanion, except having peace of mind that the puppies I brought into this world and nurtured for eight weeks are going into responsible homes. Trupanion screens the breeders they work with too, and I am one of the Trupanion-approved breeders because I do my absolute best to produce and send home healthy puppies.
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