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Poodle Temperament

What is Miniature and Moyen Poodle temperament like? Are they different from other varieties?Poodles have a zest for life! They are active, playful, happy-go-lucky dogs who enjoy the company of their people and other dogs.

They generally get along with everyone, avoid conflict, and are not aggressive. They also have a comical side! You can expect poodles to want to participate in everyday activities with the whole family. They are in tune with their owners, always paying attention and bonding strongly, and missing their people when left alone.

Poodles respond very well to no force, positive training techniques, and clear instructions. When done right, poodles can learn basic commands and advance to more complex tricks easily and willingly.

When left to their own devices or expected to perform without clear directions, poodles use their intelligence to problem-solve independently, which may not be to their owner's liking. In my experience, Minis and Moyens are no different than Toys or Standards. The size and variety don’t influence the temperaments as much as their personality, bloodlines and how the dogs are raised.
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