Moonrise poodles

Do Poodles bark a lot?

How quiet are the poodles? I want a quiet dog who barks only when someone is at the door!

Overall, barking is normal vocalization for dogs of all breeds!

Poodles are smart and communicate with their owners in a variety of ways. Most of the time, they use body language and the behaviors people teach them. Sometimes dogs have to say it louder, and it comes in the form of barking.

Poodles' sense of hearing is much keener than ours. They can bark to tell you that someone is at the door, or the sound they hear makes them feel insecure. Sometimes barking happens because Poodles are excited about dinner and sometimes because you are not fast enough to serve it! Poodles can bark at other dogs and people to tell them to go away or because they are excited to see their friend. Sometimes they bark because they are sad and miss you!

My dogs do not bark incessantly to hear their voice. When they bark, it is usually prompted by something they see or hear. If one of the dogs vocalizes beyond necessary, letting me know about something I know about, I thank them for letting me know. Usually, it is enough. When it is not, I look at the causes, ar they are overstimulated, bored, or worried, and address the cause .
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