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Are Poodles good with Kids?

Do Poodles make good companions for kids?

Poodles love fun activities and the attention that comes with playing with children. Growing up with a dog sibling has a lot of positive impact on kids too.

My daughter raised her Poodle Trinket with a bit of guidance and support from me. At ten years old, Jane took Trinket through obedience classes and taught her tricks all on her own. She fed her and walked her. Jane still needs help grooming Trinket as this is a difficult set of skills to acquire, even for adults.

Puppies will first treat children as equals and littermates, especially younger preschoolers and toddlers. When considering adding a Poodle to a family with young kids, it is important to do a bit of soul-searching and stay objective. Do you have time for another toddler who gets cranky when hungry, tired, and overstimulated? The puppy will grow fast, but It will take a good bit of parenting to get the puppy and the kids to respect each other, for you to have a peaceful home.

Choosing a puppy who has been temperament tested and scored as a good fit for a family with childer of your kid's age helps a lot. Not all puppies are equal. All puppies are mouthy and learn about the world by biting and mouthing everything. Those with high play/prey drive can be easily overtaken by their instincts brought on by high pitch and fast movements and in turn, completely overwhelm human toddlers with the mouthing. A lower-drive puppy would be a better fit. Many Moonrise Poodle puppies live in homes with young children; some are in large families with four or more kids! I pay special attention when matching puppies with families with kids.

Puppies with high play/prey drive are best suited for active teens who can take on a busier dog's training, exercise, and general care needs.

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