We could not be happier !!
So Blessed to have a like minded breeder. Lexa is a caring , knowledgeable and diligent breeder that puts the health, safety of her dogs in first place. The love and passion she has for the breed is amazing.
Our new little girl has only been with us for a short time and has already filled our hearts with love and joy.
She is a healthy well breed bundle of perfect!! Thank you Miss Lexa!!

I’m absolutely thrilled!
Before I got my Moonrise Poodle, Apollo (now Dig It!), I read all the recommendations on this page and they were all so good I thought they must be fake. Now that I have Dig It! I must say that all the reviews are true. He is the smartest, most well adjusted puppy I have ever had and I have had a lot of puppies over the years. I found Lexa to be an honest person and she does a wonderful job socializing and training her puppies. I’m absolutely thrilled with Dig It!
We love our 2 Moonrise girls!
We have 2 of the Trinket/Nico babies and they are sweet, playful, loving and very smart. Ivy and Poppy are very busy, and entertain our household with their antics daily! The care that Leksa puts into her breeding program is obvious in each of her puppies.
I picked up Murphy one month ago today!
Moonrise Poodles are wonderful! Lexa is very thorough and cares about her babies and who gets to be a poodle parent.
Highly recommend Moonrise Poodles
I can thoroughly recommend Moonrise Poodles.
The breeder is helpful, honest, and informative; she really has the best interests of her dogs at heart and is also great at ensuring a good fit between dog and owner. Her dogs are affectionate, cute, and well-adjusted. Five stars!
Gatsby is the father to my girl Eleanor (Ellie).
She is such a wonderful young girl - pretty, athletic, spunky... I can't say enough about how much joy she has added to my life.
We are just so grateful to have him in our lives.
Justice is the son of Starz and Gatsby of Moonrise Poodles. He’s a beautiful Moyen. He’s smart and funny and he listens well. The biggest thing about him is his heart!  He’s such a cuddly love bug. He came in to our family and stole our hearts.
In the pictures, you can see he fits right in with my standard poodle. They play all the time. He is great with kids. The boy in the picture is just someone we met on the beach. He *loves* the beach and the water.
His prance!  Oh my, he has a show dog prance that looks like he’s gliding on air.  He catches everyone’s attention.
Honestly  we could not have asked for a better breeder, and mentor when it comes to poodles.
We own three from Moonrise Poodles and they are all amazing. I came to Aleksandra as a new competitive groomer who needed a partner and she didn't disappoint! The hair on the dogs and structure are quite lovely . I have 2 small daughters and frequently have other clients dogs in and out of the house and there is literally nothing like the temperament on these dogs. Thank you for trusting our family with Little Buddy, Chopper and Bell 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Brandon and Stephy Hinson DeBoise recommends MOONRISE POODLES
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