At Moonrise Poodles we strive to combine historic parti poodle patterns with modern poodle type. We focus on preserving and bringing forth a sweet temperament, bright mind, and great health miniature poodles are known for. Our dogs are our pets and our lives revolve around them.

Miniature Poodles

Miniature size is 10 -15 inches tall with most dogs being within 12 -15” tall and 10-20 lbs.
Miniatures are athletic, human-oriented, and clever dogs

Moyen Poodles

Moyen is the fourth poodle variety recognized in 98 countries by FCI partner kennel clubs. Moyens stand 13 ¾ to 17 ¾” tall, with average dogs being 15-17 ½” tall. Moyen is also known as Klien in Germany. The moyen size’s appeal is the look of a Standard Poodle but in a much smaller, easier to manage frame. This variety is my absolute favorite and connects me to my Russian/European roots.

TOY Poodles

Toys poodles are amazing small dogs. They are happy-go-lucky, active poodles. Due to their diminutive size, they can be fragile. Toys can be somewhat fragile and be intimidated by active young children and are better suited for retirees and families with children over 10.
At this time Moonrise toy poodle lines are literally in the infancy.
WE plan to breed toys in black, red, brown, and multicolors. Stay tuned for updates to this page.


Our alumni puppies prove that we are on the right track by excelling as everyday companions to the whole family. Many of our owners took their companions further and their poodles did not disappoint. They have excelled as service/assistance dogs, earned titles in nosework, rally -o, obedience, and finished conformation Champion and Grand Champion titles.

This page is for showcasing the amazing poodles who came from my breeding. I love hearing from my puppy owners; their feedback is part of what keeps me motivated to keep on breeding amazing poodles!

Your puppy can be in this achievers' gallery too!
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