Moonrise Poodles’ Guardian Program is my support network of owners who want to contribute to multicolor poodle breed betterment without being directly involved in the breeding process. I place my pick breeding prospect puppies in loving homes where they are treated as cherished pets and where they remain once retired. I retain the ownership and breeding rights until the terms of our agreement are fulfilled.


Guardianship is not for everyone but is a fulfilling adventure for the right individual. Moonrise Poodles’ Guardian homes are proud recipients of the best puppies that are born here. Guardian homes receive their puppy at a discounted rate and are offered an opportunity to own a pet puppy from their dog's last breeding as a reward. Depending on our agreement, they may also receive financial benefits. I offer free grooming for our local families until the dog is transferred into the guardian's' full ownership. The satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the betterment of the breed is a cherry on top!


I usually place my pick puppies, both males, and females in Guardian homes at 8 -12 weeks of age. Sometimes I also have older puppies and adults. Once in their care, Guardian homes assume the responsibility for primary everyday care and food expenses, basic veterinary care, grooming, and training for the puppy. I take care of any breeding-related costs like health testing, conformation showing (when applicable), and spaying/neutering at retirement.
Males will need to come to us for breeding and stay for a week.
Females will remain with us for a week to two weeks for their dates with males and come back a week before their due date to raise the litter for another 7-8 weeks. My females usually have 3 litters and are retired from breeding by 5 years old. I will spay and neuter the dogs before transferring them into the full ownership of the guardian home.


Potential Guardian home applicant must:
  • Live within a 2-hour driving distance from Moonrise Poodles
  • Own your own home with a fenced back yard
  • Have the means to provide the dog with age-appropriate and regular veterinary care, grooming, and quality food.
  • Consult regarding diets, food, and vet care procedures such as vaccinations and medications given in non-emergency situations. Medications and foods can alter the dogs reproductive health and it is extremely important that we work together.
  • Have time to commit to basic training, complete two obedience classes or complete Baxter and Bella Online Training, and title the dog through AKC as one of the following - Canine Good Citizen, Virtual Home Manners, or Trick Dog. Training your dog is a lot of fun!
  • Make the dog available for health testing appointments
  • Own no other intact dogs of the opposite sex in the same household
A great deal of trust and communication is required to make a guardianship relationship a success. I expect Guardian homes to communicate their thoughts and concerns and keep me updated on important developments in the dog's life.

If this sounds like you, please fill out the application and indicate your interest in being a Guardian home today!

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