Please review “Placement Process” before applying.

The answers you provide in this questionnaire are vital in assisting me in matching your home with the right puppy. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Some of the questions may seem personal; however, sincerity and honesty are essential—remember, I am trusting you for the lifetime of the dog.

The poodle’s most valuable asset is its personality, and we do our best to match our puppies with families based on temperament and family needs. We encourage flexibility in color and gender combination when applying for one of our puppies. We will not be able to accommodate prospective homes with very specific marking, pattern and color combinations, and gender preference.


Where do you live?
Home Phone
Cell Phone
E-mail address
Poodle Preference
Are you interested in a particular puppy from a current litter or future litter?
Do you prefer a male or female
Do you have a color /pattern/ adult size preference?
Are you willing to accept a dog that does not fit your preferences?
Why do you want a dog?
What do you expect of your poodle?
What do you expect of your dog’s breeder?
Are you acquiring a dog for yourself or someone else?
If you are married or live with a partner/parent/roommate, how do they feel about the addition of a poodle?
Do you have children living with you or visiting regularly? If yes, please note their ages
Do you or anyone else in your household suffer from allergies, particular dog allergies? Please, describe how severe and chosen treatment
Do you or anyone in your household suffer from allergies, in particular dog allergies? if yes, please describe how severe.
If yes, please describe how severe and chosen treatment, western medicine, or natural/alternative.
Are you willing to put up with discomfort symptoms if brought on by the new puppy?
Who in your family will be primarily responsible for: daily care, clean up, training, exercise, vet and food bills
How would you describe your lifestyle and the activities you expect the poodle to join you in?
Have you ever owned a poodle, and which variety?
What attracts you to a poodle?
Have you considered other breeds? If yes, what breed(s) and why?
For each dog you currently own, please list the following: Name, breed, sex, age, spay/neuter status
Do you have other pets? If yes, please describe
What type of accommodation do you live in (apartment/house/condo/other)? Please describe.
Do you own your home or are you renting?
Note: If you rent, a signed letter from your landlord stating that dogs are permitted on his/her property must be received before a puppy will be placed with you. The breeder reserves the right to contact the landlord before placement. Please provide your landlord’s contact information:
Have you checked into local ordinances in your area on owning/housing an animal (e.g., leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses, number of pets, etc.)? Are you willing to comply?
How long each day will the dog be alone?
Where will the dog be when you are away?
Where will the dog be when you are at home?
Is your home puppy-proofed, and are you willing to make changes to make it safe for a puppy?
In the event of an emergency (e.g., hospitalization, natural disaster, etc.), who would take care of your dog?
If you must be away from home for a few days and can not take the dog, what arrangements will you make to provide for its care?
Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, what size of the yard, type, and height of fencing. If no, please explain what arrangements you will provide for housebreaking and safe and adequate exercise.
Are you aware of the grooming requirements of the poodle and the cost related to professional grooming in your area?
Please briefly describe an ideal grooming schedule and how do you plan to keep your poodle in shape.
Are you aware of the exercise and training requirements of the poodle?
Have you ever trained a dog? Attended training classes? If yes, please describe how you trained/training methods and what commands were taught.
How do you intend to obedience train your poodle?
Have you ever had any behavior problems with past or present pets. If yes, how did you handle those problems? References: Please provide references for a veterinarian and a groomer you have used in the past, or family friend if you never owned pets before
How did you learn about Moonrise Poodles?
What questions do you have for me?
By signing and submitting this application I acknowledge the request for a non-refundable $100 waitlist fee invoice, payable within 72hr of phone consultation and final approval of my application. I acknowledge that the failure to make a payment on the invoice will remove me from the waitlist.
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