Not All Poodle puppies are created equal. At Moonrise Poodles I strive to marry Nature with Nurture to produce ultimate companion poodles who are quintessential representatives of the poodle breed in mind and body. Moonrise poodle puppies are raised in an enriched environment, handled and socialized from birth, exposed to car rides, grooming procedures, pets, adults and children alike. And most importantly, our puppies come with lifetime breeder support. We love working with prospective homes who prioritize the value of personality and temperament match over specific patterns and colors.
It is my goal to produce, raise, and match families with the best companion poodles. My reservation process starts with an application, followed by a phone chat and a consultation. Once approved, the prospective family is placed on a Prepaid Priority Wait List. This model allows me to prioritize communications with committed prospective owners above all other inquiries. Once a prospective family becomes a PPW member, they have my personal phone number and are encouraged to reach out with any questions they may have about upcoming litters, or help to set up their puppy or poodles in general. PPW members are encouraged to communicate and should never feel guilty about "taking my time".

To match each family with a puppy who is perfect for them, I use your application answers, notes from phone consultations, and subsequent conversations to help me determine a prospective home’s needs. I use my observations and temperament testing performed at seven weeks to assign puppies. Click the button for boring nitty-gritty...
The Boring Nitty-Gritty
My reservation process starts with an application, followed by a phone chat and a consultation
  • Once approved
    Once approved, a non-refundable $100 waitlist fee is due within 72 hours from the phone consultation to hold one’s place on the waitlist. Waitlist fees are non-refundable but are transferable for up to three liters, and go towards the full balance.

  • Once puppies are born
    Once puppies are born, I will let you know the colors and genders available. At 7-10 days when it is clear the puppies are thriving, a non-refundable $500 puppy reservation fee is due within 72 hours to hold a puppy. This reservation fee is non-refundable and goes towards the full balance.

  • Applying for an available puppy or a puppy from already born litter
    If you are applying for a puppy from a litter that has already been born and not reserved yet, once you are approved, a $500 reservation fee to hold a puppy for you is required. The reservation fee is due within 72 hours from the phone consultation and approval. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable but goes toward the full balance.
  • Pick up in person
    The new owners are required to pick up their puppy in person. I do not ship my puppies in cargo or with auto transport. Moonrise Poodle families have come from as far as California, Wisconsin, Florida, NY, Maine, and everywhere in between. Moonrise puppies are well socialized and did great on their journeys. I can meet you or your puppy flight nanny at CAE airport with careful advanced planning.
  • Pick up schedule
    The puppies are scheduled to go home on a Saturday following their eight-week birthday. The exact date will be posted on the individual litter page, complete with important updates and pictures, and communicated through email. Pick-up time is between 9am-12pm in Columbia, SC to allow for travel and settling in at home.
PLEASE, read before you apply for a puppy