Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realise just at the moment when you decided to win.
I am Lexa the breeder behind Moonrise poodles. I have been fascinated with genetics and selective breeding since my teenage years.In 2002 my first brown miniature poodle Bunny entered my life. Bunny was an epitome of The Poodle and made me fall madly in love with the breed.

In 2014 when the time was finally right, my first multicolored miniature poodle Luna joined the family. I learned the ropes of show handling in UKC, taking Luna to her Best In Show win, group wins, and Top Ten Breed standing in 2014, 2015, 2016.

In 2016 I bred Luna to an UKC CH. Rosies Gift To Kassel making Moonrise an official breeding program. This breeding produced Alice, my first homebred Grand Ch Moonrise Lost In Wonderland and a moyen Hendrix. This two amazing poodles inspired me to follow my own lead. Luna's second breeding was with AKC GR.CH Elvis and produced my moyen girl Starz. These breeding set the course for my focus on miniature and European style moyen varieties.

My breeding program's goal has always been to improve and promote multi-coticolored poodles who fit my ultimate poodle criteria. I approach this goal through continuous interbreeding of high quality classic colored poodles with the best multicolors, striving to improve type and structure with each generation while preserving health and temperament.

I sought out to find black and brown poodles from German, Danish, Norwegian, Austrian and American lines to aid with genetic diversity, strong conformation, exceptional temperament, and health. My parties were imported from Russia and Ukraine for their sweetest temperaments. I was fortunate to acquire parti-color carriers from top US show lines, making it possible to stay on course from the beginning. My newest challenge is developing red and white parti colors and establishing toy lines. I am forever grateful to my mentors who believed in my ideas and freely shared their knowledge.


Our dog's conformation is accessed through the unbiased opinion of AKC, UKC, and IABCA show judges to make sure our breeding dogs are as great representatives of the breed as we think.
Temperament is a result of Nature and Nurture. To aid Nature, we emphasize selecting smart, confident, and willing to please dogs when making breeding decisions. The first 12 weeks of the puppies' life are the most essential for the dog's development. We set our puppies for success by raising them in an enriched environment and following socialisation protocoles based in science.
Our alumni puppies excel as everyday family companions and service/assistance dogs. Our puppies have earned titles in Nosework, Obedience, Agility, and Rally-O, Conformation, and many are working towards their titles.
Miniature, European moyen, and toy poodles are exceptionally healthy, and we like to keep them this way! Our Dogs undergo extensive health testing as recommended by Poodle Club of America and beyond. Our testing practices gained us an Excellent Rating with Good Dog. Our dogs are genetically tested for PRA, DM, OCD, IVDD and are screened for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Luxating Patellas and Eye conditions. Their test results are always available to serious prospective owners.
Breeding based on a singular goal like color or type refinement can lead to the loss of genetic diversity necessary to keep dog breeds healthy. Our cousins, the standard poodles, are already at risk for autoimmune conditions due to genetic diversity loss. We strive to keep Miniature, Moyens, and Toys healthy by seeking out breeding dogs unrelated to most US bloodlines. We are in the process of having our dogs tested through UC DAVIS GENETIC DIVERSITY Testing to make sure we are on the right track through unbiased scientific evaluation.
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